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28 MAR - Huey Wash Day at LZ Fritz at 1300 for Huey Cleanup.  Al Doucette, Jim Stein, and Mike Whitten will be taking
563 to  the big VVA event. They won't be here to clean it up.
Ken temporarily incapacitated and can't wash. Mike Nord is also incapacitated, but he's sending his man Evans out to help.

Please contact Ken Fritz, if you can help out.

29 to 31 MAR - National Vietnam Veterans Day at the Reno Events Center in Reno, NV.  The last display by
VHPA-CCN of UH-1C/M 66-000563 will be in Reno, NV for National Vietnam Veterans Day in conjunction with the Vietnam
Veterans of America chapter there and the Nevada Department of Veterans Services.  Al Doucette will drive, Jim Stein and
Mike Whitten will be in trail.
 Mike O'Connell will meet the group in Reno.
They will
leave LZ Fritz about 1130 on 29 MAR and return on 31 MAR.
The event is on Saturday, 30 MAR from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.
Ceremonies will begin at 11:00AM followed by an All Veterans Luncheon at 1:00PM.  Lunch is $36.00.

The organizers are expecting about 1000 veterans to show up and offering us a substantial donation as well as two hotel
rooms and lunch for our volunteers at the event.

Reno Event Center
400 N. Center St
Reno, NV  

APR - UH-1C/M 660000563 Departs for AAHF in Phoenix, AZ.

Expect the first or second week of April.  Exact Date and Time will be emailed to members.

As you all know, we are not getting any younger in this Last-Man-Standing organization. We have had dwindling active
participation over the last several years, for many valid reasons.  We did have 40 dues paying members last year, but only
about 10 members who were active and available to participate in the chapter events.  It has become increasingly difficult to
put on events with so few members available.

Also, our Huey has been stored outside for the last two years and although mostly covered, it is showing it's age and requires
significant cost and manpower effort to maintain 563 as a worthy static display. We were recently approached by Army
Aviation Heritage Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona to obtain 563 for further restoration and indoor storage in their museum.  
AAHF will have plaques noting that members of VHPA-CCN restored and donated the aircraft. The VHPA-CCN officers have
voted to accept their offer.

The AAHF AZ chapter called yesterday to confirm that they want the whole rig. We will donate all parts, the helicopter, the
trailer and road cones to the AAHF. They will buy the truck.

They will be here probably the first week of April to collect everything. Mike Nord will get the C model blades out of his place
and out to L
Z Fritz before then.

I would like as many CCN members as possible to be at LZ Fritz to help clear off the shelves and load up their truck and trailer.  
I’ll let everyone know when I know the date and time. If you want a souvenir radio head or old instrument, be sure to be here.
We won’t strip the Huey, but some extra goodies may be of interest to you.

We’ll have a BBQ and salute 66-000563 for the last time before she goes to a good home.
AAHF will bring a truck and trailer to haul the loose parts and blades.  They’ll fill the tanks and drive the rig to AZ for further
restoration and indoor storage with a plaque acknowledging the donation by VHPA-CCN members.

Plaque: Restored by members of the California Chapter North (CCN) - Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association and donated to the
Army Aviation Heritage Foundation.

It pains us all to lose 563, which has been the "glue" for our successful chapter. Now we move forward with more lunches,
BBQs, and other types of meetings. Let's hear your ideas.

TBD - MOC Clean-up. Ken Fritz says that Mike Nord says the MOC is still scheduled to go to Kansas City, but we haven't
scheduled a repair/clean-up date yet.  Curt Knapp has seen it, and it's actually not bad. The displays are in pretty good shape,
so we would mostly need to replace the ceiling and window moulding and give it a good cleaning.

28 MAY to 1 JUN - VHPA Annual Reunion in Kanasas City, MO. (It is early this year!).
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