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2018 Events
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Huey Unwrap for the 2018 Season
18 FEB 2018

Eat first - Thom Gilbert took the pic

Lots of Supervisors!       

At noon on Sunday, 18 FEB, nine members met at LZ Fritz to wash the Huey and prep the pickup for a President's Day
celebration. After Ken Fritz BBQ'd burgers in his workshop, we began washing the pickup and uncovering the Huey. It was a
real goat rope getting the tarp off the Huey as the winds increased to a velocity that went from limp flag to flag straight out.
Special thanks go to Curt Knapp and Ken Lake for bringing the new pickup batteries out to LZ Fritz on wash day so we'd be
ready to roll after Ken Fritz scraped the frost of the windshield.  Ken Fritz and Thom Gilbert did the pickup maintenance while
Tom Inks, Ken Lake, Al Doucette, Ed Morris, Jim Cunningham, Jim Clark, and Curt Knapp took care of the Huey.

American Heritage Day
Mt. Vernon Memorial Park
Fair Oaks, CA
19 FEB 2018

Great turn out - thanks guys!

George Washington and  Abraham Lincoln and of course Curt Knapp!

On 19 FEB, VHPA-CCN displayed our Huey with 14 members plus two wives and one girlfriend attending.  The group enjoyed the
sunshine, classic cars, Mountain Men, pilgrims, American Revolutionary soldiers, a marching band, and two US Presidents:
impersonators of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln at Mount Vernon Memorial Park in Fair Oaks, CA for "American
Heritage Day" . We had a dues drive and collected $640 in dues and donations - twice what the pickup parts cost us.

Extra appreciation goes to Mike Whitten and Jim Stein for their dedication and friendship to the chapter,  for driving all the way
over from Marin County (about 90 minutes each way), and to Will Gibbons for his 2+ hour drive on windy 2 lane roads from
Jamestown. Special thanks go to Ken Lake and Thom Gilbert, who volunteered as our Donut Dollies - for donuts and coffee on
these chilly February mornings.

Vietnam Memorial Day
Fair Oaks VFW Post 6158
Fair Oaks, CA
29 MAR 2018

Curt Knapp, Ross McCoy, Mike Whitten, Jim Stein, Al Doucette, Ken Lake, and Tom Inks celebrating
Vietnam Memorial Day

Huey 563 on Display on Vietnam Memorial Day

CCN's Huey 563 was displayed at Fair Oaks VFW Post 6158 under beautiful California skies for National Vietnam War Veterans
Day.  Helping out were Al Doucette, Ken Lake, Tom Inks, Mike Whitten, Jim Stein, and Curt Knapp.  The big raffle winner was
Jim Stein with 4 tickets to an upcoming Sacramento River Cats baseball game.

Huey Work Day
LZ Fritz
14 APR

CCN's Huey 563 has taken a beating from thousands of young perspective pilots over the years.  The pilot and co-pilots seats
had holes big enough to fall into!   Tom Inks and Dave Anderson met Ken Fritz on 14 APR at Ken's barn.  It took all day to repair
the seats.  Fortunately we had 2 spare armor plated seats and several "newer" nylon mesh covers.  We were able to make 2
better seats (at least without holes) from the old material and scrapped the remaining leftovers.  We now have 2 decent
looking and functional seats in the Huey and Ken has about 500 less pounds of old spare junk in the barn.  Just in time to
display 563 at the McClellan Aerospace Museum Thursday through Saturday.  Sorry, no photos.

Red River Valley Rats Reunion
McClellan Aeropspace Museum
19 - 22 APR

This was not a VHPA-CCN event, but we did loan our Huey to the McClellan Aerospace Museum for the Red River Valley Rats
reunion in Sacramento.   This was a total success with about 300 members and guests in attendance. Their BBQ/Flight Suit
Party at the Aerospace Museum of California on 20 APR with all the pilots and wives enjoying a perfect weather evening. Bud
Anderson, WWII Ace was there and so were 4 VN era POWs. CW2 Mike O'Connor, Army B-Model pilot, shot down and captured
near Hue, was also there. Mike spent 5 years as a guest of the Commies. Huey 563 was a hit - the museum doesn't have a
Huey. Our Huey looked very good sitting near an H-3 and an F-86 outside by the BBQ buffet lines. Inside, the A-1E looked pretty
imposing sitting there aimed at the dinner crowd.

Jim Cunningham and Ken Fritz moved the Huey into place on 19 APR, before the River Rats showed up. After the event, Jim,
Tom Inks, Ed Morris, and Ken moved the Huey back to LZ Fritz on 22 APR, covered her up nicely, and admired the freshly done
gravel driveway.  The Huey and truck were causing big ruts in the driveway.  Ken had another 13 tons of gravel delivered, then
he spread it and packed it with a rented vibrating roller machine. This work was accomplished while the Huey was visiting the

563 Covered up Behind the Barn                     Ken's Rented Vibrating Roller

Memorial Day
Mt. Vernon Memorial Park
Fair Oaks, CA
29 MAY 2018

The Prep Crew at LZ Fritz                               Memorial Day - 563 On Display

Ed Morris, Al Doucette, Ken Fritz and Jim Cunningham met at LZ Fritz for a 0745 departure to the
Memorial Day celebration at Mt. Vernon Memorial Park in Fair Oaks.  This was a well attended ceremony with about 1000
people in attendance.  Ken Lake, Barry Fitzpatrick, Curt Knapp, and Dave Anderson joined the group at the event.  Barry wore
his Dress Blues.  Curt left early when his old flight suit malfunctioned (major rip in his pants!).  A short ceremony was held,
followed by a flyover of 2 privately owned T-38s and a pair of skydivers dropping in.  As usual Huey 563 was a popular attraction
after the ceremony.

2018 VHPA National Reunion
Atlanta, GA
3-7 JULY 2018

VHPA-CCN was represented at the Atlanta reunion by Ken & Marcia Fritz, Jim & Barbara Barger, and Curt Knapp, who worked
the AAHF flight line. Ken met up with two pilots he hadn’t seen since 1969 and that made the reunion special for him. They are
planning for KC next year as this is written.
Curt as usual snuck into a picture, this time with the AAHF volunteers.  He is the guy on the left in the back row.

AAHF Volunteers

Huey Wash and Annual Business Meet
LZ Fritz
23 SEP 2018

We had Mike Nord, Al Doucette, Ken & Leslie Lake, Curt & Carla Knapp, Tom Inks, Jeff & Socorro Magaziner, Mike O’Connor,
Ken & Marcia Fritz here. Cunningham and Morris said they’d be here, but weren’t. Dave Anderson had to cancel at the last
minute due to a family conflict.

After spending about 2 hrs cleaning up the Huey and pickup, we had BBQ’d chicken, Kentucky Fried chicken, fruit salad,
macaroni salad, potato salad, chips, plum pudding, brownies, veggie lasagna, assorted sodas and beers. The business
meeting was held on the patio while Ken Fritz BBQ’d the chicken. The ladies did a fine job setting up the banquet and the
weather was perfect with plenty of shade
under the 80’ American elm and the English walnut trees. Jeff & Socorro again
brought their nice lawn tables and chairs.

Business meeting topics (Details to be emailed to members):
1) Change bylaws to allow council members to continue in their posts when no one else steps up for election.
2) Financial position is in great shape.
3) Next event is Veterans Day at Village Barbershop in Stockton,  10 NOV with Huey wash at 10AM on 9 NOV. Last year’s
donations were substantial at this event and Bobby at the barbershop says it should be bigger this year.
4) Mike Nord has moved the MOC to a lot on S. Jefferson Blvd, W Sacramento. He will do a survey in the next 2 weeks to
determine what’s needed to resurrect it. A vet from Grand Forks, ND, has pledged to sponsor taking the MOC to KC for the
reunion, Memorial Day, 2019

Huey Power Wash at LZ Fritz

Salute to Valor
Serrano Country Club
El Dorado
24 SEP 2018

The El Dorado County Veterans Alliance again invited us to their annual Salute To Valor at the Serrano Country Club.  All golfers
got to cruise by Huey 563 parked right next to the cart path at Hole # 1.  The Collings Foundation B-17 did 2 fly overs. All
services were honored and represented. A large men's chorus sang a nice medley of all service songs: "Anchors Aweigh",
etc. We enjoyed explaining and showing various features of the Huey to many moms and their kids. Tom Inks, Curt Knapp, Mike
Nord, and Ken Fritz crewed the Huey and received a challenge coin for their service

B17 Flyover

LZ in the Trees

Tom Inks, Ken Fritz, and Mike O'Conner (Curt  Knapp took the picture)

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