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2019 Events
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Huey Unwrap for the 2019 Season
17 FEB 2019

(Sorry - no pictures)

At 1000 hrs on Sunday, 18 FEB, Ed Morris and Jim Cunningham met with Ken Fritz at LZ Fritz to wash the Huey and prep the
pickup for a President's Day celebration.  The Huey covers were shot and thrown out.  Ken will look for a new cover.  Marcia
Fritz joined the group for lunch and beer at the Alamar.  

American Heritage Day
Mt. Vernon Memorial Park
Fair Oaks, CA
18 FEB 2019

A Few kids enjoying our Huey

Ken & Marcia Fritz, Al Doucette, Mike Whitten, Jim Stein, Ed Morris, Ken Lake, Jim Cunningham, Thom Gilbert and Curt Knapp.
attended the event.
The weather was bright and sunny and a little breezy and chilly.  But there was a good turn out including
Abe and George.  A Revolutionary War cannon went off twice right next to us with no damage
!  Mt. Vernon gave us a nice
donation and invited us to come back on this coming Memorial Day. Unfortuantely this conflicts with the VHPA National Reunion
this year and volunteers may be hard to find.
(Note: Curt's camera battery died, otherwise we would have had more pics!)

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