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2018 Events
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Huey Unwrap for the 2018 Season
18 FEB 2017

Eat first - Thom Gilbert took the pic

Lots of

At noon on Sunday, 18 FEB, nine members met at LZ Fritz to wash the Huey and prep the pickup for a President's Day
celebration. After Ken Fritz BBQ'd burgers in his workshop, we began washing the pickup and uncovering the Huey. It was a
real goat rope getting the tarp off the Huey as the winds increased to a velocity that went from limp flag to flag straight out.
Special thanks go to Curt Knapp and Ken Lake for bringing the new pickup batteries out to LZ Fritz on wash day so we'd be
ready to roll after Ken Fritz scraped the frost of the windshield.  Ken Fritz and Thom Gilbert did the pickup maintenance while
Tom Inks, Ken Lake, Al Doucette, Ed Morris, Jim Cunningham, Jim Clark, and Curt Knapp took care of the Huey.

American Heritage Day
Mt. Vernon Memorial Park
Fair Oaks, CA

18 FEB 2017

Great turn out - thanks guys!

George Washington and  Abraham Lincoln and of course Curt Knapp!

On 19 FEB, VHPA-CCN had the Huey and 14 members plus two wives and one girlfriend attended and enjoyed the sunshine,
classic cars, Mountain Men, pilgrims, American Revolutionary soldiers, a marching band, and two US Presidents:
impersonators of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln at Mount Vernon Memorial Park Heritage Day. We had a dues drive
and collected $640 in dues and donations - twice what the pickup parts cost us..

Extra appreciation goes to Mike Whitten and Jim Stein for their dedication to the chapter, the event and to our friendship for
driving all the way over from Marin County (about 90 minutes each way), and to Will Gibbons for his 2+ hour drive on windy 2
lane roads from Jamestown. Special thanks go to Ken Lake and Thom Gilbert, who volunteered as our Donut Dollies - for
donuts and coffee on these chilly February mornings.

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