2020 Events
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Holiday Party
Teal Bend Golf Course
Sacramento, CA
6 JAN 2020

Ken Ftitz Greeting               Crowd looking "attentive"
(Also Curt Knapps Jacket - he took most of the pictures)

Some after dinner pics

The VHPA-CCN Holiday party on 6 JAN 2020 was a success with 27 in attendance at Teal Bend Golf Club for prime rib, salmon,
eggplant parmesan, and all the tasty side dishes.

Teal Bend has a few unusual restrictions for its operation. Local NIMBYs forced an agreement on the owner/builder of the club:
no outdoor lights, no big conventions or parties at night, specific quiet hours, etc. This put us all in the dark in the parking lot
and when going to the restrooms, but we managed. The Teal bend manager was pleased with our group and has invited us to
have more events there. If we’re there after dark, we’ll figure out some lighting, even if only car headlights when the party
breaks up.

We hada short meeting after dinner and the annual election of officers was a surprise to some, but not to all members, and in
our usual manner, it was a bit unorthodox. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to be nominated to the council.

We also discussed the MOC plans for Denver.  We will have a few work parties soon to get it ready for the LAST REUNION –
Denver. This is especially appropriate because the inaugural outing for the MOC was Denver in 2001. Mike Nord is
spearheading the MOC work and the transport of the MOC to Denver and back. Ken Fritz will handle arrangements with the
Denver VHPA and the hotel. We will need volunteers to man the MOC while in Denver. Mike Nord will accept your help.  

AAHF 563 Restoration

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