Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association – California Chapter North membership is open to any individual who served any branch
of the U.S. Military as a helicopter pilot in the Republic of Vietnam. The California Chapter North VHPA Chapter is a fraternal,
social, and philanthropic organization, with no political agenda or affiliations.

To become a member of the California Chapter North, you must first become a member of the national organization.   You can
apply online at the VHPA website,, or by phone by calling VHPA at 1(800) 505-VHPA (8472).  Annual dues for
the national organization are currently $36, which includes a number of benefits (see the web site for details).   

The local chapter annual membership is $20.  Checks should be payable to VHPA-CCN.   To enroll, please print the application
below and submit to one of the following:    Click here for
 Membership Application. (Microsoft Word format)

You can print the application first and fill in all the required information, or use Word to complete the application, then print it.
Send the form and your dues to:

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association -
California Chapter North

Al Doucette, Secretary/Treasurer
2723 Otto Drive
Stockton, CA 95209-1198

Phone:     209-482-5348

Welcome New Members
Roger Brecheisen
Mike O'Connor
Ernie Arzabal
Michael Campbell
Chuck Canfield
Jeff Coupe
Paul Faust
Richard Grant
Stan Hooper
Russ Janus
Donald Jones
Larry Kwiatowski
Roger Lang
Tom McConnel
Rick Powers
Frosty Price
Mike Rasbury
Carl Rassomme
Bennie See
Tom Schaub
Jim Tornillo
Andy Tupper
Ed Vaughn
Richard Waldo
William Bailey
Raymond LaRochelle
Dennis Moye
Leroy Marsh
Michael Shields
Barry Fitzpatrick
John Larson
David Kilborn
Mike O'Connell
Dave Johnson
Jim Barlow
                                             For a current list of active CCN members click here.
VHPA-CCN Officers

President - Ken Fritz
Vice President - Ken Lake
- Dave Anderson
Treasurer - Al Doucette
Sr member at large - Ed Morris
Mid-term member at Large - Mike Whitten
Jr member at large - Joel Dozhier
Past President - Mike Nord

Past CCN Presidents - Jim Barger, Rich Buzen,
Ken Fritz, Jim Gunderson, George Larson,
Ross McCoy, Mike Whitten

Past VHPA National Presidents - Joe Blitzke,
Dan Ferguson, Ken Fritz, Mike Whitten
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