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"Vettes for Vets" Event at California Auto Museum, Sacramento - May 2012    

L-R: Curt Knapp, Ed Morris, Ken Fritz, Al Doucette, Mike Whitten, Jim
Barger, Jim Stein, Greg Hutson

Fair Oaks VFW POW/MIA WOW Day - April 2012

L-R: Al Doucette, Mr and Mrs Jim Clark, Greg Hutson, Marcia Fritz, Ken
Fritz, Agnes Fritz (Ken's mom)

Annual Christmas Party - December 2011

Having a good time swapping lies!

West Sacramento Veterans Day Parade - 2011

Ken Fritz, Greg Hutson and Frank Frank Kulhavy spent more than 10 hours
prepping, priming and painting the trailer with epoxy primer and industrial top coat, in Aug 2011

The freshly painted trailer and remounted Huey look good, don't they? Jim
Clark, and Ken and Greg and Frank and many others helped complete the
trailer. Our first trailer was too flimsy and used a conventional ball
hitch. This trailer is better balanced, has good brakes and all LED tail and
running lights.  Just in time for the Veterans day parade!

NVA Visit the MOC - October 2011

n October of 2011, Jack Swickard (left), VHPA life member and past editor of the Aviator, visited Ken Fritz in
Sacramento with their friend Dinh Ngoc Truc. Jack and Ken spent a month touring Vietnam with Truc previously. Truc
served in the Peoples Army as one of five crewmen on a 37mm anti-aircraft gun. Although he and his crew did finally
manage to get south near Saigon and Nha Trang, they never saw any US forces. Truc was too young and too late into
the war. To his great delight, he visited the MOC and the Huey and learned a lot about US helicopter operations in
Vietnam during the time before he ever joined his army. Now he works in Hanoi as the International Press and
Communications Coordinator in the Ministry of Information and Communications.

2007 Rafting Trip and  2006 Mexico Trip

San Francisco Reunion - 2005                              Rio Vista Parade - 2005                        

Curt & Ron - Ft. Rucker

Dallas Reunion - 2004                           Christmas Party - 2004

2003 Pictures