2017 Events
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New Look for our Tow Vehicle
19 FEB 2017

Our pickup after having a wrap applied this week.  Cheaper than painting, and now it matches our Huey.  The logos and flag are
permanent, so we don't have to remember to install/remove the magnets.

American Heritage Day in Fair Oaks, CA
20 FEB 2017

Unfortunately, California weather did not cooperate and this event was rained out.

Preparing for Base Relocation at Western Truck School yard
26 MAR 2017

Emptying the Spare Parts Trailer                                Spare Parts                   

Emptying the Old MOC                                       Pizza Break          

On 26 MAR, the chapter met at the Western Truck School  open storage facility in West Sacramento to prepare for the base
relocation.  A chapter meeting was held and a few decisions made.  For the small cost  of a shelving extension,  Ken Fritz
volunteered to store the spare Huey  parts and CCN merchandise in his new barn.  Ken also let us know that he had arranged
indoor storage for the Huey in a friends hay barn (6 miles from LZ Fritz) for 2 months.  We also agreed that the original MOC will
be scrapped.  Lastly, the new MOC will be temporarily stored at the new Western Truck School yard at a discounted storage
rate.  The new MOC is in terrible shape after this past winter rain.  Water leaks damaged the interior and left mold on the ceiling
and walls.

Special thanks go to Mike and Sean Nord of Western Trucking School  for their support over the years. Without their
enthusiasm our chapter would likely have failed. To remain viable, we need to help Mike Nord make some decisions regarding
scrapping or renovating the new MOC. We also need a long term indoor storage solution for the Huey.  Stay tuned for further

Movement of the material and clean up was then accomplished by Dave Anderson, Jim Cunningham, Al Doucette, Ken Fritz,  
Curt Knapp, Ken Lake, Ed Morris, Tom Schaub, Jim Stein, and Frank Kulhavy.   After much heavy lifting (C model rotor head
weighs a lot!), the group went for Pizza.  Curt Knapp celebrated his 71st  birthday. Somehow he always gets special mentions
in our reports!

Move to LZ Fritz
27 MAR 2017

Huey's New Home                                                Unloading Spare Parts

Stacking the Chapter Stuff

Jim Cunningham, Ken Fritz, and Curt Knapp moved the Huey  and spare parts to LZ Fritz.  The Huey is parked in a friends hay
barn about 6 miles from LZ Fritz.

Community Outreach Academy Transportation Parade
28 APR 2017

Jim Cunningham, Al Doucette, and Curt Knapp

Kids Parading their Cardboard Vehicles                Our Favorite Young Rotorhead

A Huey wash and minor maintenance was completed on 27 APR at LZ Fritz.  Lots of pigeon "bombs" were cleaned!
Thanks to Jim Cunningham, Al Doucette, and Curt Knapp who  helped about 200 children experience our ultimate form of
transportation.  Our favorite " float " was this young rotorhead.

Rio Linda American Legion Post 521 Poker Run
29 APR 2017

The "Pirates" Signal the Start                             The Riders hit the Road

Curt Knapp, Ken Lake, and Jim Clark displayed our Huey while pirates signaled the start of the poker run.

Durham 100th Mayday Parade
13 MAY

Jim Cunningham, Curt Knapp, Ken Lake and 563 standing by at the start of Durham, California's 100th May Day Parade.

Sunrise behind 563 at LZ Fritz                                                           Durham parade site                          

Thanks to Curt Knapp, Ken Lake and his friend Dave, Jim Cunningham, and Tom Schaub.   Small town, appreciative on-lookers,
free breakfast, fuel donation, and nice drive up and back.  Left LZ Fritz at 0600 for 1100 parade.  Moved 563 to LZ Fritz the day
before for a wash and prep.

Memorial Day
Mt. Vernon Memorial Park
Fair Oaks, CA
29 MAY

Memorial Day was another chance for CCN to help the American public to remember our fallen comrades.  Huey 563 was
displayed at Mt. Vernon Memorial Park in Fair Oaks by Curt Knapp, Greg Hutson, Tom Inks, Jim Cunningham, Ed Morris, Jim
Barger, Al Doucette, Thom Gilbert, Ken Lake and his friend Dave.  As you can see 563 attracted a large crowd including 3
companion dogs and Curt's grandson, Wesley.

LZ Fritz
20 - 21 JUN

38.5 tons of gravel being delivered                 Ken's tractor resting in the shade

Future home of 563

CCN lost our Huey parking this past year.  563 has been parked in a friends hay barn since then, but it was time to start filling
the barn up with hay again.  We have had no luck finding a new home for 563.  So, Ken Fritz has gone above and beyond to
make a driveway to access the rear of his barn to park the Huey.  CCN paid for 2 loads of gravel. Ken paid for one larger load.
After 8 hours filling with dirt to make the road and parking spot, it took more than 10 hrs to spread, smooth, level, and compact
38.5 tons of gravel. Ken's small tractor burned about 14 gallons of diesel and his back was killing him when finished, but it
looks pretty good.  As Ken said," I sort of wish I had a larger tractor, but ....".
More final finish work will be done in July


4th of July Weekend
Galt, Benicia, Novato, CA
30 JUN - 4 JUL

A few CCN members that did not make the Indianapolis Reunion made an extra special effort of firsts over the 4th of July
weekend.  We participated for the first time in 3 different parades, 2 of which were in the San Francisco Bay area.  A lot of
work, but lots of great crowd response.

30 JUN - 1 JUL

CCN showed off Huey 563 in the Galt Independence Day Parade on 1 JUL.  We were a feature attraction at the BBQ and display
of military vehicles the day before at the Best Western Motel.  Kudos to Ken Lake, Jim Stein, and Curt Knapp for making it
happen.  563 then was taken back to LZ Fritz.


           Dave & Curt                                        By the water at the foot of first street

Starting the Parade

Video of Huey 563 at end of Torchlight Parade

1st Place Award

The city of Benicia held its annual Torch Light Parade on July 3rd at 6:30PM.  Cool weather, a great BBQ dinner before the
parade, and a large warm crowd greeted 563 and its crew, Dave Anderson, Jim Stein, and Curt Knapp.  Also thanks to Ken
Lake who helped escort 563 down from Sacramento.   Dave's daughter recorded a video at the reviewing stand.  Click above
for a link.  
CCN won First Prize for Best Float.  Immediately after the parade, Dave Anderson, Jim Stein, and Curt Knapp
convoyed 563 to Novato for parking overnight, to be ready for the Novato parade the next morning.

Little known facts:  Benicia was the first capitol of California, and the Benicia Arsenal was an active miltary post from 1849 to


Curt, Jim, Ken, and Mike                                                  Parade Time      

2nd Place Award

563 was a proud first-time participant in the annual Novato 4th of July Parade.  A big thank-you to the crew of Curt Knapp, Jim
Stein, Ken Lake ,and Mike Whitten.  Curt was able to jump out of the pick up and take these pictures, but they do not do justice
to the huge and appreciative crowd lining the street along the entire route.

Midnight Mass Car Show
Woodland, CA
29 JUL

Curt, Al, Ken, and Ed                                       Crowds After Dark

Of Course - cars!                            Takin' it easy in the shade

Tinkerbell Arrived after Dark!

To finish off July, on 29 July CCN displayed our heritage and our Huey at yet another hugely attended event, the Midnight Mass
Car Show at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland.  Show officials estimated the attendance at over 6,000 people and 700
vehicles.  Curt Knapp drove the Huey with Ed Morris as flight lead.  Ken Lake flew Tail End Charlie with his RV which provided
overnight rest and recuperation for the crew since as the name implies the show did not end until midnight.  Al Doucette was
his usual great help with table, chairs, and Vietnam stories from an old-timer.  Greg Hutson showed up after the set-up work
was done of course ( RLO !), but his smile and enthusiasm completed the well-qualified team of CCN volunteers.  Ron and
Connie Warner from the VHPA So Cal chapter even stopped by during a family visit.  Our LZ was the very first thing the
attendees saw coming through the gate, and that spot was absolutely the best for observing every vehicle as they entered and
left the show grounds. We had many hundreds of people and families climb in the Huey.  I don't think weI have ever shaken
more hands as people said thank you for your service.  It was a long, warm and fun day.

CCN Annual Business Meeting and BBQ
Sacramento, CA
12 AUG

CCN held it's annual business meeting at LZ Fritz.  We had about 12 members and a  few wives present.   Several others  could
not make it and voted in absentia.     We elected new officers (some new and some old).  See the Membership page for the new
We discussed the Huey parking at LZ Fritz and voted to purchase a truck cover, since everything is outside for the summer.  
Hopefully, we can move it back to an empty hay barn this winter.
We also agreed to keep the MOC.  Mike Nord arranged to park the MOC at Alpine Helicopters for free.  This will save us from
paying rental space parking.  Alpine Helicopters is located on Hwy 12, just west of I5 in Lodi, CA.   We also will be able to use
their facilities to repair the MOC.  It needs work after the  last winter rain.  Hopefully, we can get started on this in September.  
The MOC was moved a few weeks later
We then discussed the future plan for the MOC.  It turns out the MOC can be transported by rail.  We have tentatively approved
a "Farewell Tour" plan for the MOC.  We will try to take it next year to Atlanta, then Oklahoma City, and finally to San Diego.  
After San Diego, it will be retired and sold.  It will cost about $6,000 to transport the MOC to and from Atlanta, so donations will
be important to make this happen.
We all then enjoyed BBQ hamburgers and liquid refreshments.
Thanks to Ken and Marcia Fritz for hosting the event.

Nicolaus Labor Day Parade
Nicolaus, CA

Nicolaus Labor Day Parade 2017

CCN proudly displayed 563 at the Nicolaus Labor Day Parade.  Nicolaus is a small farming town just North of Sacramento.   
Enthusiastic crowds as usual.   CCN's participation in the Nicolaus Labor Day Parade was up close and right down Main Street.
Mike Whitten, Jim Stein, Al Doucette, Ken Fritz, and Curt Knapp crewed Huey 563.  We were awarded the Overall  1st Place

Salute to Valor
Serrano Country Club
El Dorado Hills, CA
25 SEP

Salute to Valor 2017

"Salute to Valor" at scenic Serrano Country Club, El Dorado Hills.  Al Doucette, Ed Morris, and Curt Knapp proudly displayed 563
and watched a mini air demo by Julie Clark

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans
Red Oak Victory
Richmond, CA
7-8 OCT

563 on Display in front of the Red Oak Victory

View of San Francisco Bay                                           Luxury Berthing           

               We got this!                                                  Easier then piloting a Huey!            

Again CCN's members handled the challenge of displaying our Huey 563 at a Welcome Home event, this time at the Red Oak
Victory, the last remaining ship built at the Kaiser Richmond shipyards during WWII.  Among other missions the Red Oak
Victory hauled ammunition to Vietnam in the late 1960's.  Jim Stein, Mike Whitten, Gil Ferry, Ed Morris, Ken Lake and his
grandson Gavin worked our well-attended display on the dock at the foot of the gangplank.  Al Doucette and Curt Knapp did the
same plus berthing all night in cabins on board.

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