2016 Events
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VHPACCN Holiday Party in Sacramento, CA
3 DEC 2016

   Part of the Group out front                            Flight of 4 Xmas Helicopter cookies

In 2016, VHPA-CCN displayed our Huey at 11 public events for a total of 22 days including the annual VHPA reunion in Reno.
We also met for 4 work days and 1 party for a  total of 27 days together. Thanks to all of our members who made this
possible.  Also welcome to our 22 new members who signed up this year!

To celebrate our achievements for the year, we had one last great gathering at Ken and Marcia Fritz's home on 3 DEC to
end the year for CCN. Ken had been searching for his favorite crew chief  (Larry Dedaux) since 1971 . Ken last saw him
when he left Vietnam in 1969.  He finally found him this year  living in Northern California and invited him to the party, their
first post-Vietnam reunion.  As Ken started to introduce him to Dave and Kathy Anderson,  Dave cut Ken off with, "Hey
Larry!  How are you?".  Dave and his wife Kathy and Larry were all in High School together and hadn't seen each other
since a High School reunion 15 years ago. A double barreled first reunion - amazing! Small world, isn't it?

We had first time New Guy CCN attendees, too: Michael Campbell drove down the mountain from Tahoe-Donner, Jeff Coupe
and his wife, and another couple whose name escapes me at the moment. Total attendance was 28. The weather was fine
for strolling outside to see the city lights and listen to the migrating geese overhead. Uncharacteristically, Curt Knapp, one
of our most active members, wasn’t here. He was in Georgia helping prepare an AAHF helicopter for transport to AZ. As
our Secretary-Treasurer, photographer, and all-round good guy with a perpetual smile, Curt was sorely missed.

Special Forces CSGM (ret.) Jamie Allen (a Army Reserve colleague of Ken's) called us to attention and led us in the Pledge
to the flag out front. Then Ken Fritz welcomed everyone with a short talk, including: a moment of silence in memory of
those lost and those who survived Pearl Harbor in tribute to them on this 75th anniversary of that horrible attack.  A round
of applause and a good laugh was had for Al Doucette's birthday making him older than Pearl Harbor (76).  Ken announced
that our finances are all in great shape with no obligations, that we were awarded 1st Prize Overall at the Nicolaus Labor
Day parade, and announced two events for 2017 that will earn a $500 donation from Mt Vernon Memorial Park in Citrus
Heights (President's Day and Memorial Day with the Huey).  We took some photos of all of us out front in the sunshine with
a nice green field of winter wheat sprouting up under clear skies before diving into the food and beverages.

The house was festive with a Christmas tree, outdoor lights and interior decorations for the holidays. Of course Marcia did
her usual outstanding job as hostess. Greg Hutson provided the ice early enough to get all the beverages chilled, and Bel-
Air deli trays were scarfed up enthusiastically. Many brought some nice wines and Marilyn Doucette brought homemade
cookies in the shape of helicopters.

Al Fink "souvenired" Ken Fritz with an OH-58 rotor mast for his memorabilia collection and we all toured Ken's "barn" that
has become a hangout for CCN members to swap stories and fables about helicopters, cars, motorcycles and other
legendary memories, some of which shall not be printed here. In the spirit of the holidays, Ken Fritz and Mike Whitten
handed out VHPA window decals and VHPA-CCN lapel pins.

We are looking forward to a busy 2017, with 3 events already booked, starting on Presidents  Day in February.

"Corvettes for Vets"  in Placerville, CA
16 OCT 2016
Due to unexcpected rain and high winds in California, this event was cancelled.

California Capitol Airshow at Mather Airfield in Rancho Cordova, CA
30SEP - 2 OCT 2016

UH-1H 961 from the Vietnam Helicopter Museum parked with our UH-1C 563

Curt and crew arrived on Friday for set-up.  Saturday and Sunday were cool with large (5,000-10,000 fans) crowds both
days.   Thanks to Jim Stein, Dave Anderson, Greg Hutson, Ed Morris, Curt Knapp, Frank Kulhavey, and our FNG Tom Schaub
for herding the crowds and answering questions.   Great airshow.  Although the Blue Angels lead pilot got food poisoning
on Sat. and had to cancel their performance.  They made it up on Sunday.  That is a C5-A with it's nose up between the

Serrano Salute to Valor Golf Tournament in El Dorado Hills, CA
19 SEP 2016

This event was held at the Serrano Country Club in El Dorado Hills, CA.  This was a Monday Golf event supporting the El
Dorado County Veterans Memorial.   Thanks to Curt Knapp, Mike O'Connell, and Jim Stein for showing off 563!

"Cruisin' the Pines" Car Show in Auburn, CA
9-11SEP 2016

Ken Fritz with our hosts for the event                    Curt Knapp - breakfast in the LZ

                Ken doing maintenance                               M60 mounted and ready for action      

The California Chapter North again was invited to the annual Cruisin' the Pines Car Show in Grass Valley, CA., sponsored by
the Roamin' Angels Car Club.  The Nevada County Fairgrounds is an excellent venue providing lots of shade for the cars
and plenty of open space for our Huey. There were over 7,000 people in attendance and about 200 cars on display. We’ve
been invited back again next year.  Chapter president Ken Fritz applied plastic polish from a vendor with visible results and
explained the cockpit workings of the Huey to Dave and Sue Garber, our gracious overnight hosts.  Helping but not pictured
were Ken Lake and Curt Knapp behind the camera.

Nicolaus Labor Day Parade in Nicolaus, CA
5 SEP 2016

563 under the Wires!                                           Our crew for the day

Thanks to Mike Whitten, Ken Fritz, Jim Stein, Al Doucette, Jim Cunningham, Curt Knapp, and Huey 563 for another great day
and Labor Day Parade in Nicolaus. We were awarded the first place ribbon for this event!

Chapter Party at the Fritz LZ in Sacramento, CA
6 Aug 2016

A good time was had by all who made it out to the Fritz farm for a chapter picnic.

VHPA Annual Reunion at Peppermill Resort in Reno, NV
4 -10 JUL 2016

Tight Squeeze to get into the hotel ball room.  About 1 foot on each side and 6 inches on top!

The MOC parked in it's "secret" parking area just outside the main ballroom!

We made our longest road trip with he Huey and both directions came off smoothly. It was tough getting into the hotel, but
much easier exiting.  Thanks to Ken Fritz, Ken Lake, Curt Knapp, and Ed Morris for transporting the Huey starting at 0400
on 4 JUL to get to Reno for setup in the hotel and returning to Sacramento on 10 JUL.  Also thanks to Mike Nord and his
crew for transporting the MOC in convoy with the Huey.

Inside the Ballroom - Typical first question - "How did it get in here?"

The CCN Huey and Mobile Officer's Club were hits at the Reno reunion thanks to volunteers Ken Lake, Ed Morris, Curt
Knapp, Dave Anderson, and Mike Whitten pictured on left.  Mike Nord and Marcia Fritz pictured on the right.  Probably
enjoying and helping at the MOC at the time were Ken Fritz, Mike Nord, Jim Cunningham, Ed White, Tony Ennis, Jim Stein,
Bud Martin, JJ Johnson, Leslie Lake, Russ Janus, Richard Waldo, Tony Ennis, Frank Kulhavy, and Mike and Donna Roulet.

Over 20 new or renewed CCN members signed up.  Our appreciation to John Sorenson who thanked CCN for our reunion
volunteers and Huey display. A good time was had by all!

Huey Work Day in North Sacramento
23 JUN 2016

JimStein, Ken Fritz (holding the M60), Mike Whitten, Dave Anderson, and Curt Knapp braved the hot sun an accomplished a
lot.  Huey is parked in front of Ken Fritz's house.  We managed to paint the rotor head and tail rotor assembly, detail the
instrument panel, wax the trailer, add new weatherstripping to the doors, and a bunch of other small fixes.  We even
figured out how to mount the new M60's.  They are not real, but sure look the real thing!  Ken arranged for the MOC tires to
be replaced on 24 JUN as well as mounting two spare tires for the Huey trailor.  READY for Reno.  Hope to see you there!

MOC Maintenance in West Sacramento, CA
8, 14, and 15 JUN 2016

Thanks to all who helped start the reclamation of the CCN MOC:  Ken Fritz, Al Doucette, Ken Lake, Jim Barger, Jim
Cunningham, Ed Morris, Dave Anderson, Curt Knapp, Mike Nord, Frank Kulhavey, and our newest member Mike Carr.  
WELCOME Mike! We got a really good start by: replacing damaged window framing, getting the generator running, rewiring
some electrical and sound system, inventoring merchandise, and installation of miscellaneous wall items.  The tires
should be replaced by Big-O Tires by 24 JUN .  Sorry we missed pics for a few guys.  Curt and Frank were on a Home Depot
run for supplies.

Antelope Summer Fest in Antelope, CA
4 JUN 2016

Thanks to Curt Knapp, Ken Lake, Mike Whitten, and Jim Stein for displaying our Huey at the Antelope Summerfest in
Antelope, CA.  This was a display of vehicles at a park in  Antelope from 1600 to 2000.  

2 JUN 2016
New Cover and M60's for the Huey

Thanks to Ken Fritz for adding a cover to the Huey and parking space at his new farm.  Hope to find a permanent covered
space soon.  We now have 2 authentic looking M60's for the Huey.  They are really airsoft rifles.  We will mount them for

Corvettes and American Muscle Car Show in Old Town Sacramento, CA
Memorial Day
30 MAY 2016

Thanks to the California Auto Museum for sponsoring this annual event.  A good turnout of Corvettes and other American
muscle cars, as well as several vintage WWII jeeps and of course our Huey.  Our crew for the day (left picture): Jim Stein,
Al Doucette, Jim Cunningham,  Ken Fritz, Tom Inks, Ken Lake, Curt Knapp, Mike Whitten, and Dave Anderson.  Ed Morris
showed up late and he is the first person on left of picture on right.

"Meet The Machines"
at Mather Sports Park in Rancho Cordova, CA
7 MAY 2016

Good  crowds lining up despite the rain showers

Al Doucette(L) & Jim Stein(R)                                    Mike Whitten    

Rain showers did not stop the kids and parents from coming out to see the machines.  The ANG provides an Armored
Support Vehicle and a Humvee.  Thanks to Curt Knapp, Al Doucette, Mike Whitten, Jim Stein, and Dave Anderson for
supporting the event. We recieved a nice Thank You from the Rancho Cordova Parks and Recreation Department.

Rio Linda American Legion Annual Poker Run
in Rio Linda, CA
30 APR 2016

Ken Fritz, Curt Knapp, and Greg Hutson

Pirates firing the cannon to start the poker run

Our Huey on display

Ken Fritz, Curt Knapp, and Greg Hutson manned the Huey for us at the event.  The start is always noisy with the sounds of

Vietnam Veterans "Welcome Home Day"
at Mather VA Hospital in Rancho Cordova, CA
29 MAR 2016

Huey 563 between buildings                          Congressman Ami Bera    

Commerative Plaque                                          Curt on TV            

The VA declared, March 29, 2016 as the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam war and held a Welcome ceremony to all Vietnam
veterans. We proudly displayed our Huey at the Mather VA hospital for this event.  The hospital also was celebrating the
opening of their new Emergency Room facility.  Congressman Ami Berra was the keynote speaker and ABC Channel 10
news covered the event.  Curt Knapp seems to have a knack for getting on camera!  Jim Stein even met his old crew chief
from Vietnam at the event.  A surprise reunion for both of them.
See this link for the video coverage:
More about the event at this site:

Thanks to Dave Anderson, Ken Fritz, Tom Inks, Curt Knapp, Ed Morris, Jim Stein, and Mike Whitten for helping out.

"American Heritage Day"
Presidents Day in Fair Oaks, CA
15 FEB 2016

Our Display site in Mt Vernon Memorial Park

Civil War Era Artillery Support
(Note - The woman lighting the fuse.  I guess the boys were not allowed to play with matches!)

Revolutionary War Era Infantry

We had a good crowd from 1000 to 1400 hours.  Thanks to Curt Knapp and Ken Fritz for organising the event.  Curt was at
a family event and Ken was injured in a skiing accident the day before.  Get better soon Ken.  The following group made the
day happen:
Dave Anderson, Jim Cunningham (Congrats on your recent retirement), Al Doucette (Great job driving the Huey through
heavy traffic) , Greg Hutson, Ken Lake, Ed Morris, Jim Stein, and Mike Whitten.

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