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Placerville Christmas Parade
7 DEC 2015

American Legion Post 319 sponsored us in the 2105 Placerville Christmas Parade.  Thanks to Curt Knapp, Mike Whitten,
and Jim Stein fo helping make tis event a success.  Here we are staged for the parade start on a cold day.

Walk A Mile in Their Boots
Veterans Day at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA
11 NOV 2015

Sierra Junior College, in Rocklin, CA, hosted a Veterans Day event.  Our Huey was a main attraction.  Ken Fritz  (with two
spotters) did an excellent job backing almost 100 yards down a narrow tree lined walkway to the display site. We did trim
a few tree branches!  Reps from the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Calif. National Guard, Cal Vet and several other veterans
groups put on a good display and we met a number of college students during their class breaks.  We even met US
Representative Tom McClintock, who gave the opening speech. We had a good turn out of members (pictured l-r): Greg
Tom McClintock, Jim Cunningham, Curt Knapp, Dave Anderson, Tom inks, Ken Fritz, Al Doucette, and Jim Clark.  
Not pictured - Mike Shields.  Greg Hudson, with an event coordinator, tried on the obstacle course with a 40 pound infantry
pack. This is why we were aviators!

Corvettes for Vets
Redhawk Casino
Placerville, CA
18 OCT 2015

 Parked outside                                        Curt and Al were raffle winners  

Jim Stein and Al Doucette (Lucky Guys!)                                       The Gang                        
with the Hooter Girls                                                                         
(Somebody had to be in the picture!)                                                                            

Thanks to  Tom Inks, Curt Knapp, Al Doucette, Ken Lake, and Jim Stein for making this a success.  There also were a lot of
good looking Corvettes at this car show!

McClellan Park
Sacramento, CA
10 OCT 2015

"Dinger" (Sacramento River Cats Minor League Baseball Team mascot)  

Steady Crowd

The Touch-A-Truck event was sponsored by the Sacramento Junior League at McClellan Park in Sacramento.  As usual
our Huey was the hit of the vehicle displays.  We had a steady line of vistors all day, including "Dinger" from the River cats!  
Thanks to Curt Knapp, Jim Clark, Mike Whitten, and Dave Anderson for making this a success.

Curt Stays Busy
Sacramento, CA
SEP 2015

New posters to our Huey History Display Board        AAHF Huey 624 of cover of Warbirds

Curt in the AAHF Cobra

Curt added some posters to our the backside of our display board, and also finds the time to fly the Army Aviation Heritage
Foundation's Huey and Cobra at their events.  Lucky guy!

"Cruisin the Pines"
Grass Valley, CA
11-13 SEP 2015

Curt Knapp, Ken Lake, and Ken Fritz showing off our new radios
at "Crusin the Pines" Auto Show

This is one of the largest hot rod shows in Northern California at the beautiful El Dorado county fairgrounds in Grass valley,
CA..  Thanks to Curt, Ken, and Ken for showing off our Huey and spending Friday and Saturday nights in Grass Valley.  Ken
Fritz negotiated a donation of three Cobra Marine HH350 VHF radios.  These can now be used to keep our lead and trail
safety vehicles in constant touch with our Huey crew during highway moves.  

Serrano Salute to Valor
El Dorado Hills, CA
3 AUG 2015

Friends of El Dorado Veterans Monument in El Dorado Hills, CA sponsored this event at the Serrano Golf Club.  VHPA-CCN
has displayed our Huey on a little slit of land between a main road into the community and the main cart road between Hole
#1 and the rest of the course.  There also was a fly-over by WWII  T-6s with the break for The Missing Man.
The weather was perfect; warm with a little breeze.  A nice lunch in the club house was provided, but we couldn't stay for
dinner since we prefer to not drive the Huey at night.  I can't speak for the golfers, but I bet once George found his clubs
and shoes things went well there too.  Thanks to Jim Clark at the Huey Wash, Tom Inks, Curt Knapp, Mike Nord, and as
always Frank Kulhavy.

4th of July Parade
Carmichael, CA
4 JUL 2015

CCN participated in the Carmichael 4th of July Parade sponsored by the Carmichael Elks Club.  Our UH-1C was again a big
hit with the crowd, especially with the addition of great Huey sounds on our new PA system.
 Click here to play a short
video with sound. California Congressman Ami Bera stopped by.  We learned not to take off and leave Curt in the LZ.  Hard
for the old guy to catch up!
Thanks to:
Left to right: Marcia & Ken Fritz, Ed Morris, Al Doucette,
Congressman Ami Bera, Greg Hutson, Curt Knapp, Ken Smith, Jim
Cunningham...and the up-coming generation, Curt's grandson Wesley.

HUEY Work Day
19 JUN 2015

Sorry - no photos!

Thanks to Curt Knapp, Greg Vitaich, Jim Clark, and of course Frank Kulhavy.
Replaced Hex head screws on passenger seat  with smooth round philips head screws.
Secured the co-pilot's artificial horizon instrument.
Placed non-slip material on both pilot skid steps.
Made openings in overhead sound proofing so that ICS boxes are now visible.
Installed final air vent in cargo compartment overhead.
Pizza and sodas consumed

Golf Fundraiser for Sacramento Stand Down
19 JUN 2015

Sorry - no photos!

Mike Nord, Jim Stein, Greg Hutson, and another Vietnam veteran named Willie (1st Inf Div Artillery officer) participated in
the first annual Sacramento Standown Fund Raiser and tied for first place with a "60", 11 under par.  We did good!
See this website for details -
Sacramento Stand Down organization.

Moving Wall
Royer Park in Roseville
27 MAY - 1 JUN 2015

Curt Knapp showing his grandson Wesley, WO1 George Hayward's name on the Wall.  George was Curt's replacement in

Ken Lake talking to another visiting Vet

We displayed our UH-1C next to the travelling Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall in Roseville the week after Memorial Day.  
Hundreds of families got to see and climb into the icon of the Vietnam War and talk with some veteran pilots who flew it.
A powerful presentation.  A big thank you to our volunteers Ken Fritz, Ken Lake, Jim Stein, Mike Whitten, Jim Clark, Greg
Hutson, Al Doucette, Ed Morris, Curt Knapp and grandson Cory, and of course Frank Kulhavy.

Vettes for Vets
Old Sacramento, CA
25 MAY 2015

Another good event for CCN at "Vettes for Vets in" Old Sacramento on Memorial Day.  this has become an annual event
sponsored by the California Auto Museum.  The Huey had patriotic Americans sitting inside all day, and this time it was
evenly split between children and adults. Two local TV stations did segments on our presentation.
Chapter President Ken Fritz chaired a meeting beforehand and explained how needed maintenance was performed on the
pickup truck and a new sound system was installed.
Thanks to the California Automobile Museum for sponsoring our participation and to help from members Ken Fritz, Ken
Lake, Ken Smith, Jim Stein, Mike Whitten, Al Doucette, Greg Vitaich, and Curt Knapp.

Lincoln, CA
16 MAY 2015

We had another good day for CCN at the Armed Forces Day event sponsored by American Legion Post 264 in Lincoln, CA.  
Interesting crowd and lots of kids.  A 90 year old WWII veteran and a Post 264 membe's rbirthday was also celebrated.The
Huey was the centerpiece attraction. Thanks go out to Ken Fritz, Greg Hutson, Ken Lake, Curt Knapp, and as always Frank
Kulhavy at the Hangar.

Meet the Machines
Rancho Cordova
9 MAY 2015

Meet the Machines sponsored by the Rancho Cordova Recreation District at Mather Sports Complex in Rancho Cordova
was  a great success again this year.   We were visited by an estimated 500 kids at this event.  Thanks to Ken Lake, Al
Doucette, Greg Hutson, Curt Knapp, and Dave Anderson for supporting this event.  Special thanks to Frank Kulhavy for
helping our first time driver back the Huey into the hanger at the end of the day!

Huey Work Day
1 MAY 2015

Installing the passenger seat                        Rotor head secured

Thanks to Dave Anderson, Ken Lake, Tom Inks, Greg Vitaich, and Curt Knapp the Huey is pretty much ready for the rest of
the season.  Today the stabilizer bar was secured with a brace barely visible next to the counterweight in the photo, and
the repaired crew seat was reinstalled.  As usual, even the little things take longer to complete then they look.  We still
have a few things to complete and will plan at least 1 more work day.

25 APRIL - American Legion Riders Post 521 - 5th Annual High 5 Poker Run
Rio Linda, CA
25 April 2015

Setting up at American Legion Post 521

Pirates blasting their cannons to start the mortorcycle run

Thanks to Curt Knapp, Ken Fritz, Ken Lake, and Jim Clark for helping out at this event.

Huey Work Day
10 APR 2015

Rotor head Updated withSwash Plate Links and
Cyclic Control Tubes installed

Almost Empty Cabin!

Thanks to Ken Fritz, Ken Smith, Dave Anderson, Tom Inks, Greg Vitaich (Tom Inks friend and a  former ARMY engineer), and
Curt Knapp for making this another successful day.

We Installed both windshield wiper head protection covers, the pilot's map light, four missing cabin air vents, and another
first aid kit.  The pilots and co-pilots door emergency release handles were then safetied, so they cannot be accidentally
released.  The CCN banner and flag mounts were also repaired and upgraded.  We installed the rotor control linkage
between the swash plate and scissors assembly with a set of modified B-model links and added and tightened other bolts
in the rotor system. We figured out how to simulate the fixed control tubes from parts we found and how to secure the
swash plate support assembly.  All of the bungee cords securing the rotor controls have now been removed!

Ken Fritz and Curt Knapp volunteered to finish the rotor head work on 14 APR in preparation for our next event in Rio Linda.

Tim Inks took the passenger seat and pilots seatbelt off site for repair and should have it back for installation on our next
work day.

We even got a short Pizza break and a chance to swap lies!

Huey Work Day
21 MAR 2015

How many Old helicopter pilots does it take to replace a windshield wiper!!!

Thanks to the members who showed up to work on our Charlie Model:
Tom Inks and Mike O'Connell - Windshield wiper installation, pilot seat armor repair.
Dave Anderson - Main rotor blade control linkage.
Frank Kulhavy - Reinstalled tail boom access plate.
Jim Stein - Parts inventory.
Curt Knapp - Supervised all, installed pilot door handle strap and cargo door pins, and pizza run.
Believe me folks, these jobs were not as easy as they look here.   We accomplished a lot and still have lot's to do!

American Heritage Day (Presidents Day Holiday)
Fair Oaks, CA
16 FEB 2015

Setting Up

      Abe Lincoln!                                              Revolutionary War Artillery Fire

Presenting the Colors

The 13th Annual event was held at Mount Vernon Cemetery, 8201 Greenback Lane, Fair Oaks, CA from 1000- 1400.
Thanks to Al Doucette, Mike Whitten, Jim Stein, Greg Hutson, Ken Lake, and Curt Knapp.

Holiday Party - Orangevale, CA
24 JAN 2015

The annual Holiday Party was held at Ken Fritz's house in Orangevale, CA.  Thanks to Ken and Marcia for organizing and
hosting this event.  We had a great group of people together on a nice day for some good conversation and not too many
lies.   Not shown in the photo are Sean & Janelle Nord, Ed Morris, Andy & Lynn Siebert and Curt & Carla Knapp.

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