In Memory
There were 2,202 helicopter pilots and 2,704 non-pilot crew members killed in the Vietnam War from all services including Air   
America. May they rest in peace. You are not forgotten.

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots and Crewmembers Memorial
Arlington National Cemetary
Dedicated 18 APR 2018
Donated by VHPA
About Us
In March 1996, helicopter pilots from the Northern California area who flew in Vietnam during the Vietnam war founded the
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association – California Chapter North (VHPA-CCN).  VHPA-CCN is an independent organization
which is neither under the control nor authorized to act as an agent or representative of the VHPA.

Chapter membership is open to helicopter pilots from any branch of the service who flew a helicopter
in the Southeast Asia theater during the period 1961 to 1975.

The VHPA has a membership of over 15,700 (8700 dues current) helicopter pilots from around the world of the approximately
40,000 who served as helicopter pilots in the Vietnam War. In addition to an annual reunion held during the 4th of July Holiday,
members keep in touch informally through local Chapter meetings, mini reunions (local get-togethers) and through the
Internet links at:

VHPA -; VHCMA -; VHFCN -;  Heli-Vets -

The VHPA-CCN is organized as a 501(c)3 non-profit veterans’ organizations with no political agenda. The primary goal of the
VHPA-CCN is to rekindle and foster the spirit of duty, honor, country, sacrifice, and esprit de corps that was so much a part
of the Vietnam experience for helicopter air crews.

Displaying our Mobile Officers Club / Museum and talking with the American Public
is what we do.
Any and all donations and help to support these efforts are always appreciated*.

Special thanks to these major supporters of VHPA-CCN.
They have all been a great help in funding our Huey rebuild and display events.                                   

* We are a 501.c3 not for profit veterans organization. Donations should be tax deductible. Check with your CPA before claiming deductions.
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Our display helicopter 66-00563 has been donated to the AAHF in Mesa, AZ. It is getting a
complete overhaul. Check out the restoration status of 563.

 AAHF 563 Restoration Project
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Joesph B. Martinak - Joe flew with us in RVN 1967-1968, Gunships, Avenger III, 189th AHC, Pleiku Vietnam and was an active
member of VHPA.  There was a memorial service held in Sacramento, CA at Mount Vernon Memorial Park on 26 OCT 2013.

Paul M. (Mike) Streeper - Mike graduated flight training with Flight Class 71-13 and flew in Vietnam with A Troop, 2/17th Air Cav,
101 ABN (1971-72) under the Assault 12 call sign.  Mike passed away on 23 DEC 2013 after suffering many ailments over his
last few years.

Bob Norona - passed away on 20 June 2014.  Bob was a founding member of VHPA-CCN and a key to the success of the VHPA
reunion in Santa Clara in 1996.  Bob was in class 69-6 and flew for 3rd Bd 101st ABN from 1969-70 under the call sign Thunder
24.  He had been living in Bend, OR for the past few years and was planning to attend the 2014 VHPA  Reunion In Louisville, KY.

Max Mizejewski - Minuteman 17A took his last flight on 19 SEP 2014.  He died when is Cessna 162 crashed near Borrego
Springs, CA.  Max was a long time member of VHPA-CCN, graduating with Flight School Class 67-05 and serving with the 176th
AHC in Vietnam.  He was buried at the Riverside VA Cemetery on 3 OCT 2014.

Dave Adams - died after an 18 month illness in his home state of Texas on 11 AUG 2015.  Sabre 75 was in Flight School  Class
70-3 and 70-5 and served in RVN with D/1/1( 1st Cav).  He later flew the fixed wing OV-1 Mohawk.  Dave was the VHPA Aviator
magazine editor and a Life time member of  the VHPA AND  VHPA-CCN.

Alan Fink -  passed on 22 May 2017.  Ghostrider 21 served with the 195th AHC and was awarded the DFC and 12 Air medals.  He
went on flying with United Airlines and retired  as a 747 Captain to his home in Lodi, CA.  Al was a long time member of the